Opacode® Monogramming Ink

Sharp, clear monograms and logos with excellent adhesion properties

Opacode inks are finely dispersed, edible printing inks which contain selected pigments used primarily in pharmaceutical and dietary supplement solid oral dosage forms. Opacode inks provide sharp, clean monograms and display excellent adhesion properties.

Printing Applications

  • Film and sugar-coated tablets
  • Hard or soft-gelatin capsules
  • Suitable for use on immediate or modified release coated dosage forms

Ready for Use

  • Fully formulated systems, available in organic solvent or water-based premixes
  • Color options are available to meet your branding needs, with pigments selected to meet your regulatory requirements

Consult with Colorcon for the Optimum Choice

  • Ingredient regulatory status
  • Dosage type
  • Color, shade and intensity of ink required

Processing Factors to Consider

  • Printing equipment
  • Print depth, width and speed of the operation
  • Ink viscosity and drying time
  • Environmental conditions and controls

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