SUGLETS® Sugar Spheres

For All Round Consistency and Robustness

Your choice for drug layering applications

Multiparticulate drug delivery systems are increasing as pharmaceutical companies seek to improve clinical effectiveness. Sugar spheres, as a starting substrate, provide a reliable platform for drug loading.

SUGLETS®, Sugar Spheres from Colorcon are uniform drug layering pellets, made of sucrose and starch, for sustained or extended release dosage forms. With low friability, consistent sphericity, tight particle size control and high batch-to-batch uniformity, Suglets are ideal for drug loading applications.

The selection of the right sugar sphere is a crucial part of the formulation, so it’s important to understand the critical success factors for drug loading:

  • Surface roughness and sphericity to ensure uniform application
  • Reliable and reproducible uniformity for batch-to-batch consistency
  • Range of particle sizes to meet different dose levels
  • Low friability and hardness to withstand the rigors of processing
  • Available in a range of sizes

Suglets specifications comply with the current version of the USP/NF and PhEur, and are in compliance with applicable excipient GMP requirements.

With two manufacturing sites, both ISO9001 compliant and dedicated to pharmaceutical production of sugar spheres, you can be confident that Suglets meet the premium quality expected from a highly reputable supplier of pharmaceutical excipients. Studies demonstrate the interchangeability of quality and performance and continuous supply is secured with the two interchangeable manufacturing sites. A robust Business Continuity Plan is in place.

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