Corelease EC™ Ethylcellulose Organic Coating System

Corelease EC ethylcellulose organic coating is a controlled release film coating product, designed for solvent-coating of multiparticulates and tablets, for sustained release and taste-masking applications. It combines the proven performance of ethylcellulose with the coating and technical excellence of Colorcon.

Simplify Development and Modulate Drug Release

  • Modifying film porosity provides controlled release of low, medium and high solubility drugs
  • Stable film with high mechanical strength, suitable for moisture and/or heat sensitive drugs
  • Achieve desired release profiles at low coating levels.

Lower Manufacturing Time - Ensure Consistent Coating Quality Consistency

  • Colorcon quality ensuring the same product, every time
  • Eliminates concern of operator error in pore-former addition


  • Fully formulated system
  • No additional raw material components
  • Reduced raw material QC 

Speed of Development

  • Quick and easy way to evaluate range of release profiles
  • Backed by Colorcon Technical expertise and applications support


All ingredients in Corelease EC ethylcellulose organic coating are approved for Pharmaceutical use in the major global markets (conditionally for China and India).

Colorcon regulatory support to mitigate risk and provide supporting documentation.

Platform Solutions

Colorcon can help to reduce your project time by providing the right solution through excipient selection and process guidance.


Lower total cost and reduce time to market

Dissolution Design

Life cycle management through modified delivery profiles and product line extensions

Patient Adherence

Reduce medication errors and improve patient adherence


Stable and consistent product performance

Product Authentication

Track and trace