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The Role of Specialty Excipients in Clean Label Supplements

September 5, 2023

In the dietary supplements industry, the term "clean label" needs to be more than just a buzzword. It's a philosophy that centers on transparency, natural ingredients, and minimal processing. Although it can shape consumers' buying decisions it may require manufacturers to make changes to their product offering.

This consumer shift poses a unique problem for the dietary supplements industry, as not all excipients, the substances used to carry the active ingredients, align with the clean label philosophy. Addressing this challenge is key for companies to stay competitive and responsive to evolving consumer demands. This article delves into the role of specialty excipients in the clean label movement.

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The Rise of Label Friendly Excipients

Clean label is not just about the active ingredients in a supplement. It extends to the excipients as well. Excipients play a vital role in product formulation. However, some traditional excipients can be synthetically derived or chemically processed, don’t usually fit with the clean label ethos.

The solution? Label friendly excipients. These excipients fulfill the clean label criteria:

  • They are derived from natural sources
  • They undergo minimal processing
  • They do not involve chemicals in their creation

Colorcon understands the science behind clean label supplements and has led the development of specialty excipients aligning product formulation with the clean label ethos.

The Function of Specialty Excipients in Clean Label Supplements

Label friendly excipients serve important functions in clean label supplements. They not only carry the active ingredients but also ensure the stability and efficacy of the product.

Due to the type of ingredients typically included in these products, nutritional and dietary supplement manufacturers are commonly using compounds with unpleasant tastes and odors. The tablet can be difficult to compress, resulting in fragile tablet cores that break easily and there can be shelf-life implications due to moisture and oxygen-sensitive ingredients.

Producers are looking to overcome these challenges with more efficient and consistent manufacturing performance

Label friendly excipients have been developed to provide functional solutions while meeting the growing consumer demand for transparency and more natural products. Companies that formulate innovative label friendly excipients into their products are not only ensuring product quality but also building consumer trust.

Incorporating Specialty Excipients in Clean Label Supplements

From a technical perspective, manufacturers must ensure that the excipient performs effectively while aligning with clean label standards. This requires an understanding of both the excipient's properties and its interactions with other ingredients.

The choice of excipient can impact product performance and consumer experience such as appearance, taste, and texture. Ensuring these attributes meet consumer expectations while adhering to the clean label ethos can be a difficult balancing act.

Fortunately, there are solutions to all these potential challenges – if you have expert help along the way.

The Future of Specialty Excipients in Clean Label Supplements

The clean label movement shows no signs of slowing down and the demands for transparency continues to grow, encouraging innovation in the development of new label friendly excipients. Future advancements hold promise to provide:

  • Enhanced stability of active ingredients
  • Improved product deliverability
  • Expanded range of naturally derived and minimally processed excipients

The regulatory landscape, along with industry collaborations, will play a crucial role in driving innovation. Both entities need to foster an environment that encourages performance advantages while keeping a focus on safety, quality, and efficacy. It's critical to have an expert at your side as you navigate this terrain; contact us at Colorcon and we can schedule a consultation to talk about your needs and how we might be able to help. Also, learn about Nutracore™ Label Friendly Excipients, a potential solution to your specialty excipient needs.

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