Opadry® QX Quick and FleXible Film Coating

Process Adaptability for the Perfect Finish

Opadry QX, quick and fleXible film coating, is setting new productivity, efficiency and appearance standards for coated tablets. The high solids, low viscosity ingredients of Opadry QX allows coating across a broad range of process parameters in any type of coating equipment, greatly reduces preparation and coating times, and delivers a premium quality finish.

Discover Unmatched Productivity Gains

  • Easy-to-prepare fully formulated powder – Add water, mix and coat in 25 minutes or less
  • Faster coating - Solids level up to 35%
Opadry QX Coating Time Reduction

Overcome Equipment Processing Challenges

The wide processing latitude possible with Opadry QX reduces operating risks:

  • High solids, low viscosity dispersions result in faster coating without compromising on coating uniformity
  • Lower tablet bed temperatures protect temperature-sensitive API’s and provide energy savings
  • Even with limited air flow Opadry QX delivers consistently smooth and glossy tablet finishes

Opadry QX Surface Finish

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Defer capital investment as productivity demand increases
  • Easily transition drug production between manufacturing sites
  • Save energy through more efficient manufacturing

Tablet design service helping companies worldwide differentiate their products for improved patient safety and brand recognition.

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Unique, confidential service, providing our customers with starting formulations for the immediate and extended release of drug from solid oral dosages.

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