Opadry® Complete Film Coating System

Opadry is Colorcon’s original, customized, one-step film coating system which combines polymer, plasticizer and pigment, as required, in a dry concentrate. Use of an Opadry film coating will result in attractive, elegant coatings on a variety of tablet cores. Opadry systems can be easily dispersed in aqueous or organic solvent solutions.

Key benefits include:

  • Elimination of separate inventories of polymer, plasticizer and pigment
  • Batch-to-batch color consistency
  • On-time delivery through manufacturing plants in key pharmaceutical markets worldwide

Opadry provides excellent film forming capabilities and benefits include:

  • High opacity and tensile strength
  • Sharp logo definition
  • Good adhesion

Recommended Use:

  • Can be utilized in both aqueous and organic (hydro-alcoholic) coating procedures

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