Starch 1500® Partially Pregelatinized Maize Starch

Starch 1500 is a unique pharmaceutical excipient combining several properties in a single product : binder, disintegrant, filler and flow-aid while having lubricant properties.

It is versatile and used in variety of processing methods for solid oral dosage forms:

  • Direct compression
  • Wet granulation
  • Dry granulation/roller compaction
  • Encapsulation

Starch 1500 is particularly effective with moisture sensitive actives and low dose applications. In addition to providing a unique range of functions and flexible performance in a variety of applications, Starch 1500 cuts process and material costs by reducing or eliminating polymeric binders, superdisintegrants, high levels of lubricants and glidants and manufacturing steps.

Unique Manufacturing Process

Starch 1500 is manufactured exclusively for the pharmaceutical industry in dedicated cGMP facilities (ISO 9001:2008 certified). The process results in partial solubility, increased particle size, with improved flow properties and compactibility compared to alternative starches.

Product Range

  • Starch 1500 products are designed to meet regulatory needs worldwide.
  • Starch 1500: Meets PhEur and USP/NF specifications for pregelatinized starch.
  • Starch 1500 LM: Low moisture product (less than 7% moisture). Meets PhEur and USP/NF specifications for pregelatinized starch.
  • Starch 1500 G: Meets PhEur and USP/NF specifications for pregelatinized starch and JPE requirements for partly pregelatinized starch.

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