Starch 1500® Partially Pregelatinized Maize Starch

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Starch 1500 is a proven and trusted unique pharmaceutical excipient, manufactured exclusively for the global pharmaceutical industry.

  • Stabilizes moisture sensitive drugs
  • Provides excellent low dose content uniformity
  • Meets regulatory standards

Starch 1500 is particularly effective with moisture sensitive actives and low dose applications. In addition to providing a unique range of functions and flexible performance in a variety of applications, Starch 1500 cuts process and material costs by reducing or eliminating binders, superdisintegrants, high levels of lubricants and glidants.

High Quality Tablets for Film Coating

Starch 1500 provides good tablet hardness and low friability ideal for film coating and packaging.

Product Range

  • Starch 1500 products are designed to meet regulatory needs worldwide.
  • Starch 1500 LM: Low moisture product (less than 7% moisture). Meets PhEur and USP/NF specifications for pregelatinized starch.
  • Starch 1500 G: Meets PhEur and USP/NF specifications for pregelatinized starch and JPE requirements for partly pregelatinized starch.

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