Immediate Release Film Coating Systems for Tablets

Colorcon, the innovator and industry standard for one step, fully formulated film coating systems, offers a range of color-matched, custom pigmented, or clear film coatings for immediate release solid dose applications. Our complete film coating systems produce an elegant finish on even the most challenging tablet cores and can be used in both aqueous and organic coating procedures.

Opadry® QX

opadry qx opadry qx
opadry qx high solids film coating

The high solids levels and low viscosity ingredients of Opadry QX allow coating across a broad range of process parameters.


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Opadry - the original, customized, one-step film coating system combining polymer, plasticizer and pigment, in a dry concentrate.


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For optimal and validated cleaning of coating equipment OptiClenz™, High Performance Cleaning combines the trusted performance of Dober's Chematic® detergents with Colorcon’s industry and practical application expertise.

Opadry® EZ

opadry ez opadry ez
opadry ez

Opadry EZ, easy swallow film coating system dramatically improves tablet mobility, reducing sticking in the throat or esophagus.

Opadry® II

opadry ii opadry ii
opadry ii 1

Opadry II offers shorter process times and a superior film finish.

Opadry® TF

opadry tf
nutrafinish tio2free

Opadry TiO2 Free Film Coatings meets the current market concerns on the use of TiO2. Colorcon provides a range of alternative formulations using non-synthetic (natural) colorants is now available.

Opadry® fx™

opadry fx
opadry fx special effects

Imparts a pearlescent and lustrous finish to create a unique tablet appearance for a higher level of brand differentiation.

Opadry® SGR

opadry sgr opadry sgr

Opadry SGR is a high gloss, aqueous sugar film coating system that connects the art of conventional sugar coating with the science and automation of film coating.

Opadry® amb II

opadry amb ii opadry amb ii
opadry amb ii high performance moisture barrier 1

Opadry amb II delivers the perfect balance of high productivity, low impurity levels and a superior tablet finish.


opalux color coating 1

Opalux is an opaque, aqueous, color dispersion in a concentrate of sucrose syrup, designed to produce an elegant finished product.