Nutrafinish®, Fully Formulated Aqueous Dietary Supplement Coatings

Nutrafinish® immediate release film coatings are designed for nutritional and dietary supplement products regulated as foods. Simple to prepare and easy-to-use, these aqueous film coatings ensure a superior tablet finish that protects the tablet and is appealing to consumers.

  • Meet market needs for TiO2 Free film coatings
  • Efficient and reproducible manufacturing performance
  • Reliable and sustainable sourcing with built in supply continuity

As a specialist supplier for the nutritional market we offer a range of innovative products and supporting services, including core excipients, tablet design and custom color matching.

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We offer a range of specialized products and services, including core excipients and custom color-matching with quick access to samples. 

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Platform Solutions

Colorcon can help to reduce your project time by providing the right solution through excipient selection and process guidance.


Lower total cost and reduce time to market

Dissolution Design

Life cycle management through modified delivery profiles and product line extensions

Patient Adherence

Reduce medication errors and improve patient adherence


Stable and consistent product performance

Product Authentication

Track and trace