Why Colorcon?

This information is designed to provide prospective Colorcon candidates with information about our company culture and principles.

Colorcon’s Six Global Operating Principles serve as a guide in our organization’s approach and policies. These principles are: Customer Focus, Teamwork, Speed and Simplicity, Empowerment, The Golden Rule and Keep Getting Better. As you learn more about Colorcon you will begin to see the impact these have on our culture. Our shared interest is served by offering this information and answering any questions you may have.

Business Approach

Our success is a direct result of our loyal customers and our excellent employees. Customer Focus - we acknowledge the impact our customers have on our company. We strive to go above and beyond what the customer asks for and provide them with the highest level of service. Our employees in the market are meeting customers, identifying needs, offering unique solutions and communicating back to our organization. All of our products and services contain high degrees of technology, know-how and support for our pharmaceutical solid dosage development and/or production customers. Colorcon’s products and services are designed to speed our customers’ products to market, increase efficiency and reduce risk in their ongoing production. Customer Focus has driven our product, service and infrastructure evolution for over 50 years and will continue to do so. We are a privately owned company with strong financial support and discipline; we can invest in opportunities faster than most public companies.


Colorcon’s organizational structure is a matrix that overlays geographical, business, functional and customer components. Through Teamwork we embrace the value of collaboration, held together by clear, simple business strategies. Our managers understand their role in the big picture and drive the whole process. They are simultaneously leading projects while in a supporting role for others. This organization requires our employees and managers to be team oriented, flexible and mature. Many managers have the opportunity to travel globally to execute their job or support their teams.


The culture at Colorcon is defined by actions that exhibit Speed and Simplicity. Avoiding complications, reducing and eliminating non-value-added steps and leveraging technology, helps us achieve organizational effectiveness. Managers count on high levels of visibility, support, expectations, results and reinforcement. Empowerment here means that we trust colleagues with responsibility and decision making. Managers are expected to take initiative and help when their skills are needed without being asked. A key skill for our managers must be the simultaneous demonstration of leadership and teamwork, and that happens around the world at Colorcon every day.


“Treat people the way you want to be treated,” The Golden Rule – All Colorcon employees are expected to demonstrate mutual respect, trustworthiness and value personal and cultural differences. Colorcon employees use the Golden Rule as a guide, personally and professionally. We extend the same courtesy to our customers, partners, suppliers and even our competitors. Colorcon training and development programs give our employees the knowledge and motivation they need to influence their careers and help meet individual and professional goals.

Performance Record

Thanks again to our great customers that have enabled Colorcon to continuously achieve its business goals. Expectations of continuous growth are inherent at Colorcon – and those expectations are consistently achieved. We continuously extend our market activities (products, services, geography) and streamline our operations (investing in systems, infrastructure and processes) to meet our goals. We are always striving to Keep Getting Better at every level of our organization. We know that in order to help our customers achieve their objectives we must continuously improve, develop the best products and services to accomplish that mission.

Future Opportunities

Colorcon is a long term, committed participant in the pharmaceutical excipients and services market. As Colorcon continues to expand globally and develop new products and services our employees will continue to have increasing opportunities for growth and success.