BEST®, Unique Tablet Design Service

BEST® is a specialist tablet design service used to differentiate products while improving decision making during product development. The service assists formulators by aligning all parties, including R&D, Marketing and Procurement, to design a drug product that will enable the safe and correct use of medicines – known as Safety by Design.

Differentiate - Use Size, Shape and Color to Minimize Medication Errors

  • Avoid multiple strengths that look the same
  • Use imprint codes for clear, visible identification of the dosage strength
  • Distinguish extended- or delayed-release products from their immediate release counterparts
  • Help pharmacists, healthcare providers and patients better identify medications when dispensing
  • Increase product recognition on the manufacturing line to reduce possible mix ups

Accelerate the Decision Making Process

  • Use 3-D models and CAD drawings to explore tablet design options including color, shape, logo, and special coatings
  • Evaluate tablet shapes and sizes for ease of swallowing
  • Determine the regulatory acceptance for colorant materials used in our fully-formulated film coating systems
  • Evaluate the designs of currently marketed products by therapeutic category
  • Study consumer medication color preferences for any region of the world
  • Conduct your own market research using film-coated tablet prototypes

Take advantage of our film coating experience, market research, technology and creativity to design differentiated tablet designs that will favorably impact your bottom line.

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