Patient Adherence

Industry Trend

Reduce medication errors and improve patient adherence


  • Ageing population and conditions requiring multiple medications
  • Large tablets that are difficult to swallow - high dose or combination of drugs
  • Bitter taste and unpleasant odours make medicines unpalatable to take


  • Patient centric design to reduce pill burden through modified release dosages
  • Improve adherence with easier to handle & swallow dosages: innovative shape, color, finish
  • Easy to apply taste-masking solutions
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Opadry® EZ

opadry ez opadry ez
opadry ez

Opadry EZ, easy swallow film coating system dramatically improves tablet mobility, reducing sticking in the throat or esophagus.

Opadry® TF

opadry tf
nutrafinish tio2free

Opadry TiO2 Free Film Coatings meets the current market concerns on the use of TiO2. Colorcon provides a range of alternative formulations using non-synthetic (natural) colorants is now available.

Opadry® II

opadry ii
opadry ii 1

Opadry II offers shorter process times and a superior film finish.

Tablet Design

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Platform Solutions

Colorcon can help to reduce your project time by providing the right solution through excipient selection and process guidance.


Lower total cost and reduce time to market

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Dissolution Design

Life cycle management through modified delivery profiles and product line extensions


Patient Adherence

Reduce medication errors and improve patient adherence

solutions patient compliance 2021


Stable and consistent product performance

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Product Authentication

Track and trace

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