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Animal Health

Colorcon supports veterinary product development from concept to commercialization with innovative solutions that make medicines and supplements for animals more palatable. As a NASC Preferred Supplier, Colorcon is an accredited quality ingredient supplier for the animal supplement industry.

Starch 1500®

starch 1500 starch 1500

Starch 1500 is a proven and trusted unique excipient for pharmaceutical and nutritional use; especially effective with moisture-sensitive active ingredients and low-dose tableting applications.


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Opadry - the original, customized, one-step film coating system combining polymer, plasticizer and pigment, in a dry concentrate.



Designed for direct compression, StarTab simplifies tablet formulation and process. Provides excellent flow and superior compressibility.

Opadry® II

opadry ii opadry ii
opadry ii 1

Opadry II offers shorter process times and a superior film finish.

Opadry® QX

opadry qx opadry qx
opadry qx high solids film coating

The high solids levels and low viscosity ingredients of Opadry QX allow coating across a broad range of process parameters.

Opadry® EZ

opadry ez
ez blue background

Opadry EZ, easy swallow film coating system dramatically improves tablet mobility, reducing sticking in the throat or esophagus.