Confectionery Inks

When you want to place your logo or design on your edible product, Colorcon has an array of inks in many colors to fit your needs. Pad printing, rotogravure, ink-jet and other ink types are our specialty. Additionally, we have strong relationships with printing machinery suppliers and will partner with them to optimize your process and formulation.

If you are interested in printing on panned confections, chocolates, cookies, or other hard or porous surfaces, Colorcon has an ink that fits your specifications!


Aquacoat® ECD is an aqueous colloidal dispersion of ethylcellulose polymer. In sustained release applications, Aquacoat® ECD offers stable, reproducible, pH-independent release profiles.


Nutrafinish® immediate release film coatings are made specifically for nutritional and dietary supplement products regulated as foods. Nutrafinish coatings are now available as TiO2 and mineral free to ensure label friendly status and are available as non-synthetic pigment systems


Opadry - the original, customized, one-step film coating system combining polymer, plasticizer and pigment, in a dry concentrate.


Custom, one-step color solutions for improved quality and process efficiency in soft and hard gelatin capsule manufacture for pharmaceutical, nutritional and dietary supplement products.

Starch 1500®

Starch 1500 is a proven and trusted unique excipient for pharmaceutical and nutritional use; especially effective with moisture-sensitive active ingredients and low-dose tableting applications.

Nutrafinish® TiO2 Free Film Coatings

Nutrafinish®, TiO2 Free Film Coatings

Nutrafinish® TiO2 Free Film Coatings are made specifically for nutritional and dietary supplement products regulated as foods.  Elimination of titanium dioxide (TiO2) and other minerals provides manufacturers with an alternative coating finish that satisfies aesthetic appeal while addressing current market concerns.

Opadry® II

Opadry II offers shorter process times and a superior film finish.


Designed for direct compression, StarTab simplifies tablet formulation and process. Provides excellent flow and superior compressibility.


METHOCEL™ Premium grades are well established for use in the pharmaceutical industry, primarily as binders.


Nutrapure™ is the first and only aqueous clear Certified Organic coating developed in response to the dietary and food supplement market demand for more natural coating alternatives.

Opadry® QX

The high solids levels and low viscosity ingredients of Opadry QX allow coating across a broad range of process parameters.

Opadry® SGR

Opadry SGR is a high gloss, aqueous sugar film coating system that connects the art of conventional sugar coating with the science and automation of film coating.

Opadry® amb II

Opadry amb II delivers the perfect balance of high productivity, low impurity levels and a superior tablet finish.

Opadry® fx™

Imparts a pearlescent and lustrous finish to create a unique tablet appearance for a higher level of brand differentiation.

Opadry® EZ

Opadry EZ, easy swallow film coating system dramatically improves tablet mobility, reducing sticking in the throat or esophagus.


Opalux is an opaque, aqueous, color dispersion in a concentrate of sucrose syrup, designed to produce an elegant finished product.

Opadry® TF

Opadry TiO2 Free Film Coatings meets the current market concerns on the use of TiO2. Colorcon provides a range of alternative formulations using non-synthetic (natural) colorants is now available.


Opacode inks are finely dispersed, edible printing inks which contain selected pigments used primarily in pharmaceutical and dietary supplement solid oral dosage forms. Opacode inks provide sharp, clean monograms and display excellent adhesion properties.


Acryl-EZE®, aqueous enteric systems are a range of fully formulated, high performance coatings that provide pH targeted resistance.

Opadry® Enteric

Opadry Enteric is a platform of fully formulated delayed release coating systems suitable for application by organic or hydro-alcoholic processing techniques.


Sureteric® from Colorcon

Designed as an alternative to acrylic polymer systems Sureteric is a blended combination of phthalavin enteric coating polymer (PVAP), plasticizers and other ingredients in a completely optimized dry powder formulation.


Surelease is a complete, sustained release, aqueous coating system utilizing ethylcellulose as the rate controlling polymer for drug release.


ETHOCEL™ products are water-insoluble polymers approved for global pharmaceutical applications and used in extended release solid dosage formulations.

Corelease CA™

Corelease CA™ is the first one-step semipermeable membrane designed to ensure consistent release from osmotic pump tablets.

Corelease EC™

Corelease EC™ ethylcellulose organic coating is a controlled release film coating product, designed for solvent application to multiparticulates and tablets.


StarCap® is a partially pregelatinized starch with an optimized particle morphology with high flow and low adhesion to facilitate excellent flow in capsule applications.


SUGLETS®, Sugar Spheres are highly uniform drug layering pellets, made of sucrose and starch, ideal for sustained or extended release dosage forms.


First choice for the formulation of hydrophilic matrix systems, providing a robust mechanism for the extended/controlled release of drugs from oral solid dosage forms.


METHOCEL™ DC2 polymers enable manufacturers to replace costly wet granulation in matrix tablet production with cost effective dry granulation and direct compression techniques.


POLYOX™ Water-Soluble Resins (NF grades) are non-ionic poly (ethylene oxide) polymers. They are hydrophilic polymers available in a wide range of molecular weights with a history of successful use in extended release applications, including osmotic pump technologies.


The dietary and nutritional supplement market continues to grow as companies introduce and expand product lines to customers. The use of delayed release coatings…

DuPont™ AmberLite™ and Duolite™

DuPont™ AmberLite™ and Duolite™ ion exchange resins are used in formulations for controlled release and taste-masking in the geriatric and pediatric populations that offer improved patient compliance.

AFFINISOL™ Solubility Enhancing Polymers

AFFINISOL™ polymers are uniquely tailored to address the solubilization requirement of poorly soluble APIs.

Opacolor® Liquid Coloring System

 Liquid Color Concentrate specifically developed for hard- and soft-shell panning. Formulas available with sugar, sugar -free and sugar free substitutes.

Opatint® Liquid Color Concentrate

Custom Color Dispersion suitable for all types of food & confectionery uses.  Dispersions available in oil, glycerin, water or sugar base systems.

Quickcolor® Dry Coloring System

Granulated color concentrate designed specifically to eliminate particle dusting. Color matching available.

Pigment Blends

 Dry blended color-matched pigments that provide one-step application. Available with synthetic and naturally derived pigments.

Confectionery Inks

Formulated for direct food printing, these edible inks are used to identify and/or personalize product. Available in variety of colors in water and solvent based systems.

Opaglos® Core Sealant Product

Liquid top-coat application used to enhance the final look of your confectionery product. Barrier Coatings also available in this category.

Pearlicoat® Pearlescent Coating

Mica-based top-coat to provide a unique shimmer effect; available in 6 tints.


For optimal and validated cleaning of coating equipment OptiClenz™, High Performance Cleaning combines the trusted performance of Dober's Chematic® detergents with Colorcon’s industry and practical application expertise.

Just ASC ™

Achieve peak performance for your process, people, and products, with an annual overview of your production activity and tips for flawless coating.

Nutracore™, Label Friendly Excipients

A close up of various capsules and tablets along with a mortar and pestle, wooden spoon, and green leaves.

Nutracore™ is an innovative new range of label friendly materials for tablets and capsules that are designed to meet the needs of nutraceutical and supplement providers.

Corelease OPL™

Introducing Corelease OPL™ a direct-to-hopper push layer designed for direct compression production of bilayer Push-Pull Osmotic Pump (PPOP) tablets.