Breakthrough with Nutrafinish Mineral-Free Coatings

Colorcon leads the evolution in coating products for dietary supplements by bringing to the market mineral-free Nutrafinish®, Label Friendly Coatings that satisfy consumer desires and meet manufacturer’s needs, without adversely affecting tablet appearance.

The latest addition to the Nutrafinish® label friendly product line is formulated without the use of TiO2, talc and calcium carbonate to deliver a high level of opacity to cover unsightly or dark tablet cores.

Colorcon provides innovative solutions to industry safety challenges –

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June 2016

Publication of French study highlighting TiO2 safety issues.

September 2016

EFSA Opinion states that E171 titanium dioxide (TiO2) did not pose a significant safety risk when used as a food additive. Majority of Member States backed the EFSA position with additional call for data issued.

May 2018

Colorcon launched 1st generation Nutrafinish® TiO2 free coating for nutritional and dietary supplements based on calcium carbonate in response to industry concerns.

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1st Generation

January 2020

Ban on use of E171 in foods comes into effect in France.

February 2021

2nd generation Nutrafinish® TiO2 Free and Label Friendly coating systems (TiO2 and talc free) with superior opacity and whiteness launched. Improved formulations with a wide color palette.

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2nd Generation

May 2021

EFSA conclude E171 can no longer be considered as safe when used as a food additive.

July 2021

EMA interacted with European pharma associations to conduct an impact assessment of the use of E171 in medicinal products and its possible replacement.

September 2021

EMA Impact Assessment for use of E171 in pharmaceutical products was published. The UK Committee of Toxicology (COT) also published their view on the limitations in the EFSA opinion.

February 2022

Legislation banning use of E171 in foods in Europe came into effect with a 6 month transition period.

Apr 2022

3rd generation Nutrafinish® label friendly coating launched. Free from TiO2, calcium carbonate, talc and minerals.

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3rd generation

June 2022

Health Canada's Food Directorate completed a “state of the science” report on TiO2, their position is that there is no conclusive scientific evidence that the food additive TiO2 is a concern for human health.

September 2022

Australia and New Zealand’s Food Safety Authority (FSANZ) completed a review of TiO2 use in foods, their position is that there is “No evidence to suggest dietary exposure to titanium dioxide is a concern for human health”

March 2022

Launch of 4th generation Nutrafinish TIO2 free moisture protection

4th Generation

October 2023

Launch of 5th generation Nutrafinish TIO2 free High Productivity

January 2024

Launch of a New Titanium Dioxide-Free, High Opacity PVA-based Coating for Pharmaceutical Tablets

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