Nutrafinish™, Dietary Supplement Coating

Nutrafinish™, natural advantage dietary supplement coating is designed as an immediate release system specifically for nutritional and dietary supplement products regulated as foods. These fully formulated aqueous film coatings offer a natural advantage with clear, white or pigmented options, including lustrous and gloss finishes. Nutrafinish provides food supplement manufacturers with the benefits of film coating, while addressing increasing consumer demand for non-synthetic, natural ingredients. 

  • Ensure a Superior Finish 
  • Efficient and Reproducible Manufacturing Performance
  • Natural (non-synthetic) Colorant Options

Nutrafinish products provide nutritional and consumer health manufacturers with a range of innovative coating solutions to meet the desire for an elegant finish, while protecting the tablet core and supporting final product stability.

Request information on the full range of Nutra, natural advantage coatings, including:

Nutrafinish, Moisture Protection Coating

  • Reduces moisture uptake - Improves final product quality and in-use shelf life

Nutrafinish, High Performance Coating

  • New high-solids, low viscosity coating for use across a broad range of process parameters in any type of coating equipment, greatly reducing preparation and coating times, while still delivering a premium quality finish.

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