Nutrafinish®, Fully Formulated Aqueous Dietary Supplement Coatings

Nutrafinish® immediate release coatings are made specifically for nutritional and dietary supplement products regulated as foods. Each of the 5 Nutrafinish aqueous coating options is available in a clear, white or pigmented system that:

Ensures a Superior Finish Appealing to Consumers

Provides Efficient and Reproducible Manufacturing Performance

Can be Developed using Natural (non-synthetic) Colorants

Nutra CMYK

Nutrafinish Immediate Release Coatings,  part of the Nutra, Natural Advantge product line include:

Nutrafinish, Dietary Supplement Coating

  • Improves film forming capabilities including logo definition, high tensile strength and excellent adhesion properties

Nutrafinish, Easy Swallow Coating

  • Adds aesthetic appeal and makes tablets easier to swallow with added slip

 Nutrafinish, Moisture Protection Coating

  • Reduces moisture uptake to improve final product quality and increase in-use shelf life

Nutrafinish, High Performance Coating

  • Dramatically reduces preparation and coating times, using a broad range of process parameters in any type of coating equipment

Nutrafinish, Sugar Film Coating System

  • Delivers rapid processing of aqueous sugar coating and results in a high gloss finish 

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