Industry Trend

Stable and consistent product performance


  • Poor stability due to moisture or light interaction
  • Complex process and packaging
  • Batch-to-batch stable color consistency


  • Select right excipients to support stability
  • Use film coating to reduce overcomplex packaging
  • Improve quality and reduce batch failure

Starch 1500®

Starch 1500 is a proven and trusted unique pharmaceutical excipient, manufactured exclusively for the global pharmaceutical industry. Stabilizes moisture sensitive…

Opadry® amb II

Opadry amb II, high performance moisture barrier film coating, is the first fully formulated PVA-based immediate release system without polyethylene glycol (PEG) that…


Designed for Direct Compression, StarTab Simplifies Formulation and Process: Provides excellent flow and superior compressibility First-in-class Directly…

Platform Solutions

Colorcon can help to reduce your project time by providing the right solution through excipient selection and process guidance.


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