Technical Capabilities

Colorcon® Global Technical Laboratory Services

Key services provided through Colorcon's global network of technical service laboratories include:

Formulation Development

  • Core formulation for immediate or modified release solid dosage forms
  • Matrix tablets and osmotic pump technology product and process design
  • Drug layering and functional coatings for multiparticulates
  • Compaction, encapsulation and functional product testing

Concept/Feasibility Testing

  • Color Matching
  • Film Coating Selection and Scale-up

Process Optimization

  • Coating Assessments
  • Troubleshooting
  • Coating uniformity

Tablet Design - Brand Enhancement

  • Tablet color and shape options to improve branding and patient compliance
  • Therapeutic category and consumer color preferences to support brand proposals
  • Tablet design images to enable stakeholder decisions
  • Tablet models to evaluate final color, shape, size

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