DuPont™ AmberLite™ and Duolite™ Ion Exchange Resins

Proven Polymers That Provide Formulation Flexibility in Drug Delivery Applications

As an excipient, ion exchange resins have a long history, with the first use in pharmaceutical formulations reported in 1950. They are proven polymers providing formulation flexibility and offering a unique solution to formulation problems.

Applications for DuPont AmberLite™ and Duolite™ Ion Exchange Resins

DuPont™ AmberLite™ and Duolite™ have been shown to be safe and effective excipients and are used in many commercial drug formulations, throughout the world. AmberLite™ a cationic exchange and Duolite™ an ionic exchange resin are used in suspension formulations for controlled release and taste-masking in the geriatric and pediatric populations that offer improved patient compliance.

Applications include:

  • Taste-masking
  • Modified release
  • Tablet disintegrant
  • Solubility enhancement
  • Drug stability
  • Abuse deterrence

DuPont™, and the following trademarks (AmberLite™ and Duolite™) denoted with ™ are owned by affiliates of DuPont de Nemours, Inc. unless otherwise noted.

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