Goa, India Technical Service Lab Capabilities

Goa, India Technical Service Lab Capabilities

Colorcon's Technical Services Lab and Formulation Centre of Excellence in Goa, India is designed to provide technical support related to formulation and coating to our customers in India and South Asia.

The lab capabilities include:

  • Specialized equipment for design and development of tablet formulation, from core to coating
  • Analytical tools
  • Unique characterization techniques that help customers reduce their development time
  • Coating School and Formulation School programs

This state of the art facility has helped to support many customer projects by simplifying complex formulations as well as right coating formula selection to realize our vision of being the development and formulation design partner of choice for pharmaceutical and nutrional customers.

The lab ensures the highest standards of quality and safety to provide meaningful scientific data that customers can rely upon. This Colorcon laboratory in India demonstrates our continued customer focus and long-term commitment to the pharmaceutical industry in India.

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Goa, India Technical Service Lab Capabilities

Plot Nos. M14 - M18 Verna Industrial Estate Verna, Goa 403 722 India
Fax: 91-832-6625870
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White tablets and a pile of white powder on a white background.

Tablet formulation

Design a robust and scaleable tablet formulation using a variety of technologies.

Several pills of different colors both inside and outside a pill organizer.

Film coating choice

Identifying the optimal film coating and color for your dosage form.

A variety of tiny multi-colored spheres, some inside a clear capsule and some outside of it.


Evaluate substrate size, drug loading, coating formulation, and process conditions to design a robust and scalable product.

Two people in lab coats in the background with a beaker in the foreground.

In-person training

Learn industry best practices from top experts.

A lab worker using a scoop to pour tablets into a compression machine.

Product testing

Conduct stress testing to quickly troubleshoot and verify product performance.

A woman in a white lab coat uses a dropper with two other lab workers in the background.

Analytical support

On-site analytical support to evaluate product performance.