Colorcon Customer Care

       In the pharmaceutical industry, simplicity and speed to market are vital to any company that wishes to succeed in the global marketplace. Being a global organization itself, Colorcon® recognizes that and has strategically positioned our production facilities around the world to ensure that we are available to all customers. We provide multilingual care to ensure we can address the needs of our global customers and to ensure our global supply chain operates efficiently. As industry experts in a niche market, we also provide critical insight that helps our customers achieve both their financial and strategic objectives. This expertise is further supported by our worldwide network of support teams to help you attain corporate goals and get your product to market faster.

Asia Pacific


China, South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand



+81-544-65 2711


+82-31-296 2173


+880-2-913 5953




Europe, Middle East and Africa


France +33-1-6447-9751


Portugal and Spain


United Kingdom and all other countries not listed +44-1322-293000

Latin America


Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay +54-11-5556-7705






Venezuela +58-212-435-9575


North America


United States, Puerto Rico and Canada



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