Sustained Release

Colorcon offers advanced film coating systems for sustained release (also referred to as controlled release) dosage forms complemented by our value-added services which support all phases of product design and development. Sustained release technologies from Colorcon use unique combinations of polymers to encapsulate active drug compounds and control release of the drug at varying rates. Through advanced technology, our sustained release products simplify the development and production process for tablets and capsules while providing consistent rates of drug release.

Product Literature

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Surelease is a complete, sustained release, aqueous coating system utilizing ethylcellulose as the rate controlling polymer for drug release.


Aquacoat® ECD is an aqueous colloidal dispersion of ethylcellulose polymer. In sustained release applications, Aquacoat® ECD offers stable, reproducible, pH-independent release profiles.


ETHOCEL™ products are water-insoluble polymers approved for global pharmaceutical applications and used in extended release solid dosage formulations.


ETHOCEL™ HP is an innovative new product from IFF designed for dry powder coating process, using rotor technology.

Corelease CA™

Corelease CA™ is the first one-step semipermeable membrane designed to ensure consistent release from osmotic pump tablets.

Corelease EC™

Corelease EC™ ethylcellulose organic coating is a controlled release film coating product, designed for solvent application to multiparticulates and tablets.