ETHOCEL™ High Productivity (HP)

ETHOCEL™ HP is an innovative new product from IFF designed for dry powder coating process, using rotor technology.

Using ethylcellulose dry powder coating, rotor technology allows multiparticulates, powders, and mini-tablets to be coated without the need for solvents. Just enough moisture is required to allow adherence of the polymer to the substrate. The barrier membrane polymer is added as a dry powder that forms film around the substrate.

By using ETHOCEL™ HP for dry powder coating, your formulation can remain simple and robust, avoiding concerns around tackiness and stability often found with polymers that have a low glass transition temperature (Tg).

ETHOCEL™ HP can help you:

  • Reduce coating time: 70% faster than traditional solvent and aqueous coating process
  • Consistently achieve 98 - 99% coating efficiency in lab scale trials
  • Avoid high solvent costs – including costs of disposal, capital expenditure, and infrastructure modifications
  • Improve operational safety

ETHOCEL™ has been widely used in the Pharmaceutical industry for over 50 years, backed by an excellent safety record with global compendial acceptance and compliance with the US Food Chemical Codex.

Colorcon, through the Controlled Release Alliance, has exclusive, global sales and distribution rights for ETHOCEL products from IFF for use in controlled release applications.

ETHOCEL™is a trademark of International Flavors and Fragrances Inc. or its affiliates. 

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