Voice of Our Employees

At Colorcon we value diversity. Typically, that means diversity in people. But here, we also appreciate and respect a diversity of possibilities around our professional roles, creative team-oriented solutions, projects and career paths.

Along with diversity, we believe in empowerment. We encourage our employees to approach challenges in imaginative and proactive ways.


Regional Manager of Quality

The Quality Manager is responsible for the overall quality of the product supplied from Colorcon’s manufacturing facility as well as the development, implementation, and maintenance of the site’s Quality Systems.The position has direct responsibility for all quality related staff and functions including Quality Control (chemical and microbiological analysis) and Quality Assurance (product release and quality systems).

Even though Colorcon is a global company, with many sites around the world, it still feels very much like a family. There is nothing better than walking into work and feeling at home with people who care about me as a friend and not just a colleague or an employee.


Customer Care Coordinator

This position serves as front line support and liaison between our customers and internal Colorcon departments and plays an integral role in meeting and exceeding our customer expectations; which ultimately will result in improved customer relations, increased customer loyalty and further business. This position will have access to confidential information; including customer account information, product applications, prices, purchase agreements and formulas. 

I believe a work/life balance is a very important part of a healthy work environment. I value the flexibility that Colorcon provides in both my personal and work life.


Environment, Health & Safety Coordinator

The EHS coordinator assists the EHS Manager to ensure the company complies with all current and future Environmental, Health & Safety Legislation.

Teamwork is central to the role of EHS: key aspects are opportunities to Keep Getting Better and building Trust through Cooperation & Collaboration – with our team & our customers. In addition Ownership – to ensure team success Use everyone’s knowledge & expertise to achieve the goal!


Divisional Production Shift Leader

The Shift Leader is responsible for assuring the manufacturing area completes all scheduled activities to meet short and long-term demand.  Responsibilities include ensuring all operators observe work instructions, SOP’s and documentation standards to ensure the quality of finished goods. This position is authorized to make critical decisions and distribute the workload among operators and shifts as required. Teamwork is essential for this position, coordinating with all company departments to meet and exceed customer expectations. 

I am grateful to work for a company that consistently strives for excellence and demonstrates a true interest in my professional growth. I am part of an amazing team that shows steadfast dedication to their work and respects and values each other’s opinions.


Senior Financial Controller

The Financial Controller is responsible for all financial activities including monthly financial statements, internal controls, tax, audit, treasury, and risk management. 

I look forward to coming to work each day. I’ve never had a dull moment and face different challenges on a daily basis. I am lucky to work with wonderful people and a great company.


Quality Control (QC) Analyst

This position is responsible for testing the quality of finished products using analytical methods and procedures.

Working for Colorcon has been a blessing in my life. I am able to maintain good relationships and networking with my fellow colleagues. Most importantly, mutual respect and caring have been shown to me by every member of my department during both good and challenging times.


Operations Project Manager

The Operations Project Manager leads the plan for implementation, start-up and validation of new manufacturing sites. This position coordinates with  functions with the global leaders in manufacturing, supply chain, engineering, IT, finance, human resources, project excellence and quality. 

Teamwork has been critical for every role I have had at Colorcon. Working together toward common goals gives the opportunity to learn and grow from one another. This, in turn, builds a culture of mutual respect and trust, paving the way toward Keep Getting Better.


Product Development Scientist

Position provides formulation and product development support for Colorcon's Product Development department in developing new products from initial concept through commercial launch.

The attributes of the Golden Rule; treating everyone respectfully, building trust, building credibility and personal influence, and flexibility to change while maintaining a positive attitude, are foundational to the success of our other operating principles of Empowerment, Speed & Simplicity, Customer Focus, Keep Getting Better, and Teamwork.


Manager Quality and Regulatory Services

This position is responsible for the implementation of corrective actions from audits and investigations and oversight of our Quality System.

I love collaborating with the local and global colleagues. My job involves communication and collaboration with people of diverse job functions at various organizational levels within Colorcon. The people at Colorcon are a pleasure to work with and make it enjoyable to come to work.


Business Development Manager

The Business Development Manager is responsible for developing business through contact with established and prospective customers within an assigned territory. This role promotes our products, services, and capabilities of Colorcon to meet customer needs.  This person is responsible for achieving sales objectives for the territory, division, and the company.

More often than not, Colorcon is the one setting the standard for products and services in the Pharmaceutical Excipients business. Our customers frequently use us as the model of what a supplier should do to support their business. Winning is fun and the team we have means Colorcon will consistently come out on top.