Colorcon with DuPont - Unique Together

Colorcon with DuPont - UNIQUE TOGETHER in the global Controlled Release Alliance brings you joint resources to accelerate your pharmaceutical product development efforts and reach markets throughout the world. Colorcon has exclusive, global sales and distribution rights for the following DuPont products used in controlled release applications: METHOCEL™ Premium hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC), METHOCEL™ DC2 Polymers, ETHOCEL™ Premium Ethylcellulose Polymers and POLYOX™ Water Soluble Resins.

Addition of AFFINISOL™ for solubility enhancementAMBERLITE™/DUOLITE™ ion exchange resins for controlled release applications and Aquacoat® provide further solutions to enable development of fast-growing pharmaceutical applications.

The CR Alliance focuses on productivity improvement and manufacturing efficiency for the pharmaceutical industry.

™ DuPont or its affiliates