AFFINISOL™ Solubility Enhancing Polymers

Solving the Insoluble

AFFINISOL™ Hypromellose Acetate Succinate (HPMCAS) for Spray-Dried Dispersion (SDD) and AFFINISOL™ Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose for Hot Melt Extrusion (HME)

Poor solubility of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) is the leading challenge faced by the pharmaceutical industry. AFFINISOL™ polymers are uniquely tailored to address the solubilization requirement of these APIs.


AFFINISOL™ hypromellose acetate succinate (HPMCAS) is a soluble polymer that can help optimize solubility enhancement by maintaining stable solid dispersions and inhibiting API crystallization. In addition, AFFINISOL™ HPMCAS can be customized with distinct acetate and succinate substitution levels to maximize the solubility enhancement and nucleation inhibition of your API.


AFFINISOL™ HPMC HME (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) is designed for use in hot melt extrusion formulations, and used by pharmaceutical companies looking to enhance the solubilization and inhibit the recrystallization of APIs.

As a cellulosic polymer AFFINISOL™ HPMC HME maintains the familiar crystallization inhibiting properties of hypromellose, with the ability to be extruded over a wide temperature range, without the use of plasticizers. AFFINISOL™ HPMC HME simplifies formulation requirements, helps improve physical stability, and provides versatility in drug release profiles.

Applications for AFFINISOL™ Polymers

AFFINISOL™ polymers are uniquely tailored to address the solubilization performance requirements of your active APIs, whether you have chosen to formulate for Spray-Dried Dispersion (SDD) or Hot Melt Extrusion (HME).

The use of SDD and HME are growing formulation technologies for pharmaceutical applications through their ability to improve the solubility and prevent nucleation of poorly soluble drug compounds classified as Class II and Class IV under the Biopharmaceutics Classification System.

AFFINISOL™ is a trademark of The Dow Chemical Company

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