Controlled Release Alliance

Through our global Controlled Release Alliance with IFF, Colorcon offers an enhanced portfolio of polymers for controlled release drug delivery systems along with application expertise to meet customers’ formulation needs and help speed their products to market.

The CR Alliance includes the exclusive global distribution rights for IFF products: ETHOCEL™ premium ethylcellulose polymers, METHOCEL™ premium cellulose ethers CR (hypromellose or HPMC) and POLYOX™ water-soluble resins. Colorcon also provides AFFINISOL™ Solubility Enhancing Polymers and Aquacoat® for Sustained Release  Applications.

ETHOCEL™, METHOCEL™ and POLYOX™ polymers offer an outstanding range of controlled release properties for a variety of dosage forms and processing methods. Variations in molecular weights and chemical substitutions provide multiple ways to optimize formulation performance. Each range has fundamentally different hydrophilicity, swelling and erosion characteristics, to provide flexibility in control of the main mechanisms of release.

On February 1, 2021, DuPont’s Nutrition & Biosciences business (N&B) officially separated from DuPont and merged with International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF).

As the makers of METHOCEL™ and many other strong brands, IFF offers decades of vital experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Colorcon represents DuPont products AMBERLITE™ and DUOLITE™ Ion Exchange Resins™ for pharmaceutical applications.

Contact Colorcon to learn more about rate controlling polymers for extended/controlled release drug delivery systems and how our HyperStart® Formulation Service can get your product to market faster and more efficiently.

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