METHOCEL™ Premium CR Cellulose Ethers

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First choice for the formulation of hydrophilic matrix systems, providing a robust mechanism for the extended/controlled release of drugs from oral solid dosage forms. With a choice of viscosity grades METHOCEL™ premium cellulose ethers provide a simple solution to meet a range of drug solubility needs. Tablets are easily manufactured with existing, conventional equipment and processing methods.

Matrix Tablet Formulations

ApplicationBenefits Typically Used METHOCEL™ Cellulose Ethers
Low Solubility Drugs Fast polymer hydration to form gel layer; non-ionic E50LV, K100LV, K100LV CR
Med to High Solubility Drug Fast polymer hydration to form gel layer; non-ionic K4M, K15M, K100M, E4M, E10M, K4MCR, K15MCR, K100MCR, E4MCR, E10MCR

Colorcon, through the Controlled Release Alliance, has exclusive, global sales and distribution rights for METHOCEL™ products from IFF for use in controlled release applications.


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