Specialty Offset

IT05 System: Specially modified acrylic polymers, designed specifically for use on styrene, acrylic, polycarbonate, or vinyl plastic sheets as well as Saran (Dow Chemical,USA) (PVDC), styrene acrylic, or vinyl coated papers. While especially designed for applications with minimal food contact requirements (such as for the outside printing of food packaging materials) these inks may be used for a wide variety of industrial-type applications on the following stocks. Not recommended for small duplicator presses having integrated dampening systems.

IT06 System: Modified water-soluble polymer system designed primarily for game promotions/contests where water wash-off characteristics are required. All types of paper stock are satisfactory. However, ink transfer and wash-off characteristics are best on coated stocks such as enamels.

IT17 System: Dry Offset printing inks which are not visible when printed until activated by rubbing the image with a special crayon. Sheetfed or Web Dry Offset processes must be used, utilizing raised image (Dycril (DuPont,USA)) dry offset plates with rider bars. The brighter the stock, the better the developed colors will appear due to the visual contrast. Avoid use of coated papers as images can smudge when rubbed by the crayon.