FDA Compliant Ink – Regulatory and Technical Services from Colorcon No-Tox®

Colorcon No-Tox® Products Division has built our reputation with over four decades of experience in the printing ink industry as a leading manufacturer of FDA compliant inks. We are committed to delivering service quality that matches the higher standards of our raw materials, production and finished product quality.

Our regulatory compliance services are among the best in the business. Colorcon customers can be assured that our No-Tox® experts will work with you to evaluate compliance, then design and implement an effective regulatory compliant result. As our products are used in more than 40 different countries, we are highly knowledgeable of international regulation. Our team works with global regulatory agencies, including Health Canada, the Australian/New Zealand Food Authority (ANSFA), and EFSA in Europe.

Our technical services are backed by decades of practical ink formulation and manufacturing experience. No-Tox® scientists and formulators utilize their extensive knowledge of the FDA and USDA regulations to create products that we guarantee in writing. All No-Tox® inks are formulated with FDA compliant components that meet or exceed current regulatory standards. Additionally, we manufacture in the only cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) commercial printing ink facility in the world to avoid cross-contamination.

Our FDA compliant ink products touch the lives of millions of people every day. Contact us to find out how our regulatory expertise and technical skill can work for you.