Specialty Products

This product group includes our No-Tox® offset, flexographic, rotogravure and screen printing ink systems that are used to produce temporary tattoos.

It also encompasses a wide range of inks, coating and pigment dispersions which are formulated on a case-by-case basis to meet a specific customer need. While they do not comply with FDA regulations for direct food contact, they are guaranteed in writing to be safe for use in indirect food contact applications, as well as for use on children’s articles (books, toys, etc).

Our LITHOSAFE® family of inks utilize our standard No-Tox® FDA compliant ink vehicles along with conventional, low heavy metal content pigments. They can be printed on standard sheetfed and web-fed lithographic presses. Common uses include printing the outside surface of food cartons, over-wrapped food package inserts and food package coupon outserts.