FLEXICRAFT® Form-Fill-Seal

These highly specialized water-based inks are formulated for printing by flexographic units integrated to cycling medical or pharmaceutical form-fill-seal packaging lines. They are sterilization resistant (ETO, Autoclave, Gamma Radiation) and can be used on commonly used top webs like Tyvek (DuPont, USA), medical grade papers, foils and treated polyolefin films.

MED-14000 series, MED-15000 series, RX-1000 series & NPS-16000 series inks are like traditional water-based inks in that they require pH control to maintain optimum printing performance. Our new MED-18000-5 series inks do not require pH control. They are free of the common “ammonia-like” odor of other water-based inks and require only water to maintain viscosity in most printing applications.

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