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This blog explores trending Food and Confectionery Manufacturing topics – from coloring, glazing and polishing, to coating and enhancing the visual appearance of your candy & food products.

Why You Should Use Color Psychology to Design Your Next Confectionery Product

Color is important for designing confectionery products because it evokes emotions and there's a correlation between food colors and taste perception.

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The Magic of White Chocolate: The Underdog of Confectionery Design

Milk and dark chocolate are popular, but from a design standpoint, white chocolate is arguably the most versatile.

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Small Batch: The Rise of the Artisan Confectionery Sector

For any foodie, the trigger words ‘artisanal,’ ‘small batch,’ and ‘craft’ immediately conjure the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). Add on the terms ‘nostalgic’ and ‘Limited Edition’ and you’ll capture a large portion of the rest of the population, each eager to consume unique, specialty products.

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How to Reduce Color Variability in Food & Confectionery Products

A recent post at The Turn Bar blog at Colorcon No-Tox (Achieving Color Consistency in Food Packaging Inks) discussed the importance of lot-to-lot color consistency as it relates to food packaging.

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From Pumpkin to Pantone – Color Matching Your Food Design

Volumes have been written about the psychology of color, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the food and confectionery design industry. Color is how we describe food.

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Coloring Foods: Where Food & Confectionery Manufacturers Find Their Colors

While food product developers have color on their minds, for 45 years Colorcon’s Ray Arnold has had color on his hands. He is often reminded what those colors on his hands represent when he walks down an aisle in a grocery store.

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