Pharmaceutical Training

Colorcon pharmaceutical training programs deliver the latest on coating technology and formulation. Focusing on theory and practical application, our educational programs provide pharmaceutical scientists with knowledge on film coating, core formulation and controlled release. Pharmaceutical training courses held at our facilities provide a great opportunity for practical experience with laboratory and production scale equipment.

Our technical forums bring together leading experts from industry, academia and Colorcon to provide valuable insight on the theory and practical aspects to immediate release and controlled release drug delivery. We also offer on-site seminars, tailored to an individual customer's requirements, and present industry specific webinars that reflect current topics.

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Academic Support

Colorcon is actively involved in independent research at leading universities around the world. These studies can provide new directions in product technology for the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, we proudly sponsor and participate in education courses, seminars, and symposia throughout the industry.

We invite you to browse our program catalog to learn more about our educational offerings. For further information about a specific program, please fill out an online request form, or contact your Colorcon representative to learn more about our pharmaceutical training programs and seminars.