Continuing Education in Oral Solid Dosage Development

Colorcon Academy     

The recently established Colorcon Academy offers a series of professional programs developed to increase your technical knowledge and regulatory understanding in the areas of film coating, core formulation, excipient selection and controlled release of solid oral dosage forms. Held at Colorcon’s 19 conveniently located technical facilities worldwide, each program provides an excellent opportunity to augment your learning close to home, with interactive sessions using a range of laboratory and product equipment.  Or, personalized seminars to meet your company’s specific requirements are offered on site at your location. This provides an essential and cost-effective targeted training resource for your organization. Read More

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Colorcon Coating School

Learn the theoretical aspects of film coating formulation with hands-on experience using laboratory and production scale coating equipment.

Colorcon Formulation School

Understand the theory and gain practical experience on the formulation of immediate and modified release oral solid dosage forms.

Colorcon Innovation Program

Special events designed to bring the latest products, technology and applications to our customers through on-site and open programs.

Colorcon Modified Release Forum

Join leading experts who provide valuable insights on the latest theories and practical approaches to modified release drug delivery, tablet design, formulation and coating.


Colorcon Webinars - access industry-related presentations on-line with a range of topical issues covered.


Training Videos - on-line training to support your film coating preparation and application.