Transforming Innovation into Solutions

This year has seen significant milestones in Colorcon's journey to improve health and wellness through convenience, compliance, and safety.

We recently expanded our healthcare solutions with the integration of functional packaging (formerly known as Airnov Healthcare Packaging) into our portfolio, which is now being seamlessly rebranded and incorporated into Colorcon's extensive global supply and customer service infrastructure.  With these innovative solutions, we continue to set industry benchmarks by ensuring the integrity and shelf life of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.

An important advance for pharmaceutical development is the launch of HyperStart C2C™– a groundbreaking, user-friendly platform designed for formulators, enabling them to expedite product development by minimizing the need for repetitive formulation iterations. We've harnessed Colorcon's renowned scientific knowledge and expertise to create this innovative digital solution, eliminating the time and cost associated with trial-and-error formulation work to accelerate time-to-market.


I am proud of the progress we have made with our commitment to sustainability. We are continually exploring new ways to reduce our environmental footprint, minimize waste, and support sustainable sourcing and production. We are also committed to promoting social and economic development in the communities where we operate. 


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