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Opadry® EC and Controlled Release Film Coatings for Pharmaceutical Companies

June 5, 2023

Controlled release film coatings have become an integral part of the pharmaceutical industry. They ensure that drug release profiles are accurately tailored, thereby optimizing therapeutic efficacy while minimizing potential side effects. For sustained release and taste-masking applications, Opadry® EC ethylcellulose organic coating system provides a fully formulated proven solution that is easy to use and reliable.

Understanding Opadry EC

Opadry EC is a controlled release film coating product. Specifically designed for organic solvent coating of multiparticulates and tablets, it plays a crucial role in sustained release and taste-masking functions. Key applications of this fully formulated product include:

  • Formulated Barrier Membrane Coating: Opadry EC serves as a protective barrier that modulates the release of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).
  • Controlled Release Performance: The release performance of Opadry EC can be fine-tuned through the manipulation of polymer and pore-former levels, giving flexibility in formulation design.
  • Modifiable Film Porosity: Opadry EC allows for the adjustment of film porosity, which in turn provides controlled release of low, medium, and high solubility drugs.

Why Choose Opadry EC?

Choosing Opadry EC as your coating system comes with many benefits:

  • Reduced Complexity and Increased Reliability: Opadry EC's fully formulated system eliminates the need for additional raw material components, streamlining the formulation and manufacturing process, reducing operator errors.
  • Speed of Development and Improved Productivity: Backed by Colorcon's technical expertise and application support, Opadry EC offers a quick and effective way to evaluate a range of release profiles, accelerating the development timeline and improving productivity.
  • Consistency and Ease-of-use: With its fully formulated system and quality ensured by Colorcon, Opadry EC eliminates the potential for operator error in pore-former addition, guaranteeing consistent results.
  • Regulatory Approval: All ingredients in Opadry EC are approved for pharmaceutical use in major global markets, assuring regulatory compliance.

Partnering with Colorcon for High-Performance Products

Choosing Colorcon as a formulation partner comes with many advantages:

  • Expertise in film coatings: Colorcon offers optimized formulations specific to your application and regulatory needs, including customized colors and color matching, and innovative products for mechanical integrity, gloss, pearlescence, and environmental protection.
  • Formulation Technologies: Colorcon offers a full range of functional excipients and technologies for the development and production of delayed/enteric release and extended/controlled release tablets and multiparticulates.
  • Exceptional Service and Support: With services like HyperStart and extensive application data, Colorcon helps you save development time and money. Additionally, their extensive formulation know-how and technical support ensure you achieve the exact drug release profile desired.

Explore How Opadry EC Can Help Your Company

Advances in drug delivery in the pharmaceutical industry means the growing importance of controlled release film coatings cannot be overstated. With the ability to tailor drug release profiles, Opadry EC offers a perfect solution for controlling drug delivery and taste-masking. By partnering with Colorcon, pharmaceutical companies can leverage Colorcon's expertise, advanced technologies, and superior support to develop high-performance products.

For more information, reach out to Colorcon's representative or visit the Colorcon website. Fast track your journey towards improved pharmaceutical performance with Opadry EC and Colorcon – contact Colorcon today.

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