Irvine, CA Technical Service Lab Capabilities

Irvine, CA Technical Service Lab Capabilities

Colorcon's state-of-the-art facility in Irvine, CA, offers many of the services you will find at Colorcon's global headquarters in Harleysville in a West Coast location. From film coating selection to tablet compression to softgels, we offer a range of services to help you create the ideal product for your customers.

Our experienced industry technical experts understand the needs of pharma and nutritional companies and can provide you with expertise and access to specialist equipment to speed your product to market.

Discover more about our Irvine location's capabilities below, take a walk through the facility in the video above, or contact Colorcon so our experts can discuss your project needs.

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Irvine, CA Technical Service Lab Capabilities

30 Muller, Suite 110
Irvine, CA 92618
  • Technical Service Lab
Several pills of different colors both inside and outside a pill organizer.

Film coating choice

Identify the optimal film coating and color for your product

Two gloved hands holding a clear plastic bag filled with white tablets about to pour it into a coating machine.

Pilot scale

Scale-up, optimize or troubleshoot a coating process at pilot scale

A large quantity of white pills in a machine within a laboratory.

Process optimization

Boost film coating process efficiency

A lab worker examines pills in her gloved hands.

Coating troubleshooting

Quickly resolve issues with insight from industry specialists

A close-up of wet granulation of a white substance.

Wet granulation

Improve your formulations compactability and flow using wet granulation methods

A lab worker using a scoop to pour tablets into a compression machine.

Tablet compression

Design a robust and scaleable core formulations using lab scale instrumented tablet presses

A variety of tiny multi-colored spheres, some inside a clear capsule and some outside of it.


Evaluate substrate size, drug loading, coating formulation, and process conditions to design a robust and scalable product

A close-up of an orange-colored softgel on a gray background.


Evaluate color and stability of different pigments when used in gelatin applications like softgels

A woman in a white lab coat uses a dropper with two other lab workers in the background.

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