Harleysville PA Technical Service Lab Capabilities

Colorcon's world class laboratory at our Harleysville, PA global headquarters continues to expand its technical service capabilities to meet customer needs. Colorcon’s goal is to help our customers reduce time to market from formulation development, coating, and tablet design all the way to technical transfer and commercialization of the finished dosage form.  

Our skilled industry technical experts in pharma and nutritional development provide our customers with insight and knowledge — along with access to specialist equipment — to speed their product to market and increase manufacturing efficiency.

Discover more about our capabilities to support your project, from core to coating. Explore the Harleysville lab’s capabilities below, or contact Colorcon so our experts can discuss your project needs. Also, a virtual walkthrough of our facility is available below.

Harleysville PA Technical Service Lab Capabilities

275 Ruth Road
Harleysville, PA 19438
Fax: 215-256-7799
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  • Technical Service Lab

Tablet formulation

Design robust and scalable tablet formulation for a variety of processes

Tablet design

Color and shape to distinguish your brand


Film coating choice

Identify the optimal film coating and color for your product

Commercial transfer

Scale up the coating process at manufacturing scale

Coating troubleshooting

Quickly resolve issues with insight from industry specialists

Process optimization

Boost film coating process efficiency

Analytical support

On-site analytical support to evaluate product performance

Solvent handling capability

Evaluate and optimize solvent-based film coating processes using lab scale equipment


Evaluate substrate size, drug loading, coating formulation, and process conditions to design a robust and scalable product