Visualize Tablet Options without Manufacturing Tablets

“As soon I compared the tablet with the photo images, it was clearly demonstrated that there will be no chance for mixing up. The differentiation issue was resolved.” Customer Testimonial 2014

BEST® color-matched CAD-designed drawings and film-coated 3D tablet models enable technical and commercial teams to make informed design decisions early in the development process. With BEST, you can enable project groups to freely consider visual appearance including color, logo or imprint, and surface finish to align with recent FDA Guidance.

BEST® CAD Design Drawings

  • Multi-dimensional tablet illustrations that are color-matched (calibrated) to exact Colorcon film coating formulations
  • Supplied complete with tablet tooling specifications to help define tooling dimensions help save money on tooling costs

“With BEST drawings, we able to determine a palette of colors acceptable for global use, and which ones would help us to differentiate between dosages.” Customer Testimonial 2014

Tablet Icon® Models - Prototypes Developed with 3D Print Technology

  • Digitally color-accurate models conform to the geometric specifications of the design, so you can experience how the final tablet will look and feel.
  • Excellent tool for internal assessment of design possibilities
  • Appropriate for use in external research efforts, such as focus groups

Accelerate your development process:

  • Shorten time to make an informed selection on tablet shape, color and logo
  • Postpone the need for tooling purchase and placebo production until final choices are confirmed
  • Eliminate unnecessary coating trials to evaluate different colored coatings for tablet design and trade dress decisions