Glazes & Polishes

For the shiniest, most attractive confections, our glazes are preferred. This one step process not only adds a brilliant finish, but can prepare the surface of your confection for other special effect ingredients like speckles, spots and other marbling effects.

To prevent the migration of oils in chocolate, compound coatings and other fat-based applications, we have barriers that work well for panning and complement our other Opaglos®, core sealant product systems.

For jelly and gummy confections, try our oil-wax dispersions. Using food-grade oils and waxes, these formulations clean starch-molded confections and provide high-shine while alleviating stickiness.

Pearlescent Coating Systems

When elegance is your aim, we present Pearlicoat®, pearlescent coating systems. Provided in different formulation types for your application, Pearlicoat increases the aesthetic value of your product without the addition of new equipment, in most cases. Complete coverage and speckled effects may also be achieved with Pearlicoat.