Acryl-EZE® Aqueous Acrylic Enteric System

Acryl-EZE delayed release products are a platform of aqueous acrylic coating systems that combine the benefits of a fully formulated coating system with the features and performance of a globally accepted enteric polymer EUDRAGIT® L100-55, an Evonik product.

Acryl-EZE fully formulated, optimized coating systems are available with or without plastizer in pigmented and clear formulations.

Save Time in Development and Production

  • Simple to dispense
  • Dispersible in water within 30 minutes
  • No curing step required
  • Easy to clean up

Delayed Release for a Wide Range of Oral Solid Dosage Forms

  • Enteric polymer protects against acid media, solubilizes at pH 5.5
  • Suitable for use on tablets, granules, multiparticulates

Acryl-EZE formulas can be color-matched to meet marketing requirements or custom color formulated on demand. With an expanded color pallet, Acryl-EZE offers new opportunities for brand differentiation and enhancement, with the simplest available enteric coating system in the market today.

Tablet design service helping companies worldwide differentiate their products for improved patient safety and brand recognition.

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Unique, confidential service, providing our customers with starting formulations for the immediate and extended release of drug from solid oral dosages.

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