Acryl-EZE® Aqueous Acrylic Enteric System

Acryl-EZE®, aqueous enteric systems are a range of fully formulated, high performance coatings that provide pH targeted resistance. The formulations are designed for use on tablets or multiparticulate solid oral dosage products, including proton pump inhibitor (PPI) applications.

Targeted pH Applications

Acryl EZE PH Levels

Acryl-EZE is convenient for use, presenting significant time savings in development and production, and protects against acidic conditions and fast release in buffer (small intestinal fluids) conditions.. Available for use with choice of plasticizer for application flexibility and customization.

Acryl-EZE II is an optimized high performance coating that offers enteric protection in the intermediate pH range media, suitable for proton pump inhibitor (PPI) applications and provides enteric protection at lower weight gains compared to Acryl-EZE systems.

Save Time in Development and Production

  • Fully formulated, complete system
  • Simple to dispense and disperse (20 minutes), with easy clean up
  • Reduced raw material inventory and QC requirements

Application Flexibility

  • Suitable for use on tablets, granules, multiparticulates
  • Performance validated through in vivo studies

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