Colorcon Color Guide™

Simplify and remove risk from the color selection process

This easy-to-use guide helps identify color choices for film coating formulations with the highest probability of regulatory acceptance for pharmaceutical applications.

Each kit contains:

  • General Color and an Oxide Color Wheels
  • Color Selectors for Specific Markets
  • Colorcon Product List

Colorcon maintains a complete library of products that accurately match the colors shown on either of the wheels, plus an almost limitless variety of hues and shades not shown. We are also happy to provide color recommendations based on Pantone or swatch material matches when needed.

Click here to order your copy of the Color Guide for yourself, or for your colleagues in other parts of the world.

In addition, Colorcon's Regulatory Group can provide in-depth assessments of color selections and help you evaluate film coating formula options by calculating the maximum daily intake of specific iron oxide pigments with consideration to dosing regimen and total weight gain of the coating system. Visit our Compliance Request page to request individual product assessments.