Corelease OPL™ - Enhance Efficiency in Development and Manufacturing of PPOP

Introducing Corelease OPL™ - a direct-to-hopper push layer designed for direct compression production of bilayer Push-Pull Osmotic Pump (PPOP) tablets.

This fully formulated Polyethylene Oxide (PEO)-based system will simplify PPOP development and production, while enhancing manufacturing efficiency. With this streamlined approach to formulation design, you can significantly reduce the number of complex processing steps, such as milling, blending and granulation, accelerate manufacturing and minimize the cleaning efforts associated with the polymer.


Corelease OPL diagram March 2024


Combine with Corelease CA™ Formulated Osmotic Coating System, a one-step semipermeable membrane to enhance consistency and efficiency in osmotic tablet production.

Opadry® colored top-coat can be applied to provide the additional benefits of film coating: branding, differentiation and improved swallowability, while covering the laser drilled hole.
Additionally, an imprint may be included for product recognition.     

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Simplify Development

  • Ready-to-use fully formulated push layer
  • Proven technology for consistent and reliable zero-order drug release
  • Colorcon quality ensuring the same product, every time

Improve Manufacturing Efficiency

  • Reduce powder handling and manufacturing complexity
  • Eliminate multi-step processing and cleaning steps
  • Direct compression requires no solvent-based granulation and drying


  • Direct-to-hopper
  • One component system
  • Improve management of PEO polymer shelf life
  • Reduce raw material quality control and supply chain management

Platform Solutions

Colorcon can help to reduce your project time by providing the right solution through excipient selection and process guidance.


Lower total cost and reduce time to market

Dissolution Design

Life cycle management through modified delivery profiles and product line extensions

Patient Adherence

Reduce medication errors and improve patient adherence


Stable and consistent product performance

Product Authentication

Track and trace