Melbourne, Australia Technical Service Lab Capabilities

Melbourne, Australia Technical Service Lab Capabilities

Colorcon offers a cutting-edge laboratory in Melbourne, Australia, offering superior technical service capabilities to help our customers accomplish their goals. Colorcon Technical Service Laboratories help our customers reduce time to market by helping with film coating selection, process optimization, troubleshooting, coating dispersion preparation, tablet formulation, and much more.

Learn more about what capabilities our lab offers by exploring them below, or contact Colorcon so we can discuss the details of your project. You can walk through our Melbourne lab virtually below.

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Melbourne, Australia Technical Service Lab Capabilities

Level 4, Suite 2/31 Dalmore Dr, Scoresby VIC 3179, Australia
  • Technical Service Lab
Several pills of different colors both inside and outside a pill organizer.

Film coating choice

Identifying the optimal film coating and color for your dosage form.

A lab worker examines pills in her gloved hands.

Coating troubleshooting

Quickly resolve issues in your film coating process and equipment, coating formulations and tablet design.

A large quantity of white pills in a machine within a laboratory.

Process optimization

Optimizing film coating parameters to maximize process efficiency.

A woman in a white lab coat uses a dropper with two other lab workers in the background.

Dispersion guidance

Optimization of coating dispersion solids for productivity and process robustness.

White tablets and a pile of white powder on a white background.

Tablet formulation

Design a robust and scaleable tablet formulation using a variety of technologies.

A lab worker using a scoop to pour tablets into a compression machine.

Tablet compression

Design a robust and scaleable core formulations using lab scale instrumented tablet presses.