Cotia, Brazil Technical Service Lab Capabilities

Cotia, Brazil Technical Service Lab Capabilities

Colorcon's Technical Services Lab in Cotia, Sao Paulo, Brazil is designed to provide technical support as well as formulation development and coating selection assistance to our customers thought all Brazil.

The lab's capabilities include specialized equipment for development of early core formulations, along with characterization techniques to help customers reduce their coating development time. Coating School and Formulation School programs are held at this facility and give our customers access to a wealth of knowledge and experience associated with film coating and core tablet formulation.

This well-equiped facility has helped many customers with core formulation projects as well as process development and selecting the right coating formula. It also demonstrates Colorcon's vision of being the formulation design and coating development partner of choice for pharmaceutical and dietary supplement customers.

Discover more about our capabilities to support your project below, or explore the facility using the virtual walkthough tour above.

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Cotia, Brazil Technical Service Lab Capabilities

Rua Ely, 76 - Pq. S. George CEP:06708-180 Cotia SP, Brasil
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White tablets and a pile of white powder on a white background.

Tablet formulation

Design robust and scalable tablet formulation for a variety of processes

Several pills of different colors both inside and outside a pill organizer.

Film coating choice

Identify the optimal film coating and color for your product

A lab worker examines pills in her gloved hands.

Coating troubleshooting

Quickly resolve issues with insight from industry specialists

A large quantity of white pills in a machine within a laboratory.

Process optimization

Boost film coating process efficiency

A glass door to a laboratory with the Colorcon logo etched onto it.

Solvent handling capability

Evaluate and optimize solvent-based film coating processes using lab scale equipment

Two lab technicians talking to each other in a lab setting.

Commercial transfer

Scale up the coating process at manufacturing scale

A woman in a white lab coat uses a dropper with two other lab workers in the background.

In-person training

Learn industry best practices from top experts

A close-up of a white lumpy substance.

Wet granulation

Improve your formulations compactability and flow using wet granulation methods

Two people in lab coats in the background with a beaker in the foreground.

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