Corelease CA™ Fully Formulated Osmotic Coating System

Colorcon's novel semipermeable membrane coating system ensures consistent release from osmotic pump tablets with a one-step approach.

Incorporating cellulose acetate as the water insoluble component and polyethylene glycol (PEG) as pore-former, Corelease CA is dissolved directly in a co-solvent mixture, providing fast and easy preparation of the coating solution. By optimizing the levels of the key components, and accounting for critical material attributes, the permeability of the film is controlled, providing consistent drug release from a push-pull osmotic pump (PPOP) tablet.

Lower Manufacturing Time - Ensure Consistent Coating Quality

  • Reduce preparation and coating process times -- save at least 2 hours
  • Simple coating method help manage critical process parameters and reduce risk of batch failures
  • Single component lowers raw material inventory, QC testing, and documentation costs

Conduct Feasibility and Trial Capabilities at Colorcon Technical Service Centers

  • On-site scale-up and production assistance from our team of technical specialists
  • Regulatory support to mitigate risk and provide supporting documentation
  • Reliable and sustainable global supply chain

Recommended Use

  • Semipermeable membrane for coating osmotic pump tablets
  • Suitable for use in major pharmaceutical markets and developed using compendial ingredients that meet global regulatory requirements

Save Manufacturing Time and Deliver Consistent Release from Osmotic Pump Tablets!

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