Who is Colorcon?

Colorcon is a world leader in unique formulated coatings, specialty excipients, and modified release systems for use in pharmaceutical (branded and generic), over the counter, and dietary supplement solid oral dosages.

Who is Colorcon?

World-class supplier of pharmaceutical excipients and services:

  • 100% focus on pharmaceutical and nutritional market segments, doing business with every major manufacturer
  • Over 200 highly experienced field personnel with direct customer access around the world

Colorcon’s core business is the design and technical support of advanced coating systems, modified release technologies and functional excipients for pharmaceutical dosage forms. With Colorcon as a development partner, clients produce cost-effective high quality products with superior performance and appearance.

Colorcon understands the impact of speed to market in the competitive, fast-paced pharmaceutical industry and supports its customers in the production of highly effective formulations in reduced time frames.

Founded on a commitment to technology, research and development, Colorcon is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve pharmaceutical products and services.

More information on Colorcon can be found at www.colorcon.com/about

Our Experience

  • A key strength is the breadth of direct relationships across the pharmaceutical industry, including contacts at all levels in R&D, supply chain, and procurement
  • Expertise in fast-track pharmaceutical formulation development and manufacturing processes, from core to coating
  • Support to the pharmaceutical and nutritional industry across multiple levels though R&D, technical (scale-up), marketing, and regulatory services
  • Proven track record in product and service innovation, coupled with successful global product launches

Our Value Add

  • Ability to promote new technologies to key decision makers within the pharmaceutical and nutritional industry
  • Subject matter experts in pharmaceutical formulation, regulatory support, market research and tablet brand design
  • Strong presence in all regions allows rapid commercialization of new products and adjacent services globally
  • Ability to implement voice of customer research on global basis
  • Conduct product training and highly valued customer education in 22 technical service centers in all regions

Our Scale

Global Manufacturing and Distribution Facilities

Colorcon has 11 manufacturing facilities including film coating plants, 21 technical service laboratories globally and more than 1,200 employees exclusively dedicated to its customer base.

Image of world map highlighting Colorcon Ventures global manufacturing and distribution facilities