Process efficiency and good product stability to give you a more natural advantage

  • Pressure to coat faster and run more batches through your coating operation, usually means compromising on coating quality.
  • Trying to coat with an increase in solid concentration or spraying faster, typically results in a rough surface appearance.

Nutrafinish, designed by Colorcon, gives a higher solids coating with lower viscosity, enabling shorter coating times whilst maintaining a superior finish.

Nutrafinish, High Performance Coating, reduces coating time by more than 40%

Compared to HPMC-based formulations, higher solids concentration helps achieve greater productivity for each coating run.

Preparation time is halved compared to other coatings

Easy-to-prepare fully formulated powder – Add water, mix and coat in 25 minutes or less.

Make sure your products are protected

Nutrafinish Moisture Protection provides oxygen, moisture and environmental protection.

  • Reduced moisture uptake
  • Improved final product quality and in-use shelf life
  • High productivity with low viscosity
  • Superior finish
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