Opadry® II High Performance Film Coating System

Offering short process times and a superior film finish, the Opadry II product range consists of fully formulated dry blend systems for the aqueous film coating of pharmaceutical and nutritional oral solid dosage forms. Opadry II is a high productivity, water soluble, pH independent complete dry powder film coating system containing polymer, plasticizer and pigment which allows for immediate disintegration for fast, active release.

Opadry II Offers:

  • Reduced coating process time - a savings of 25% or more compared with conventional film coating formulations
  • Increased production capacity - reduced process time frees up film coating equipment
  • Superior product appearance - high adhesion polymer formulations provide excellent logo definition on difficult to coat cores
  • Wide processing capability - simple to use on all types of coating equipment and substrates
  • Easy application - Mixes easily with water into a solution which is usable within 30-45 minutes.
  • Greater aqueous film coating uniformity, smooth tablet finish and improved gloss - Due to low viscosity, optimal droplet size
  • Single component lowers raw material inventory, QC testing, and documentation costs

Recommended Use

  • Suitable for use on a wide variety of tablets containing a wide variety of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)
  • Pigmented systems capable of 20% solids solution

Find out how Opadry II can put you on the fast track to greater coating productivity and performance.

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